Turnigy 9X - Backlight mod

Bought blue LED backlight from Hobby King.

You can install that easily, but then you will have light always on. Of course it is possible to install switch, but then you have to drill hole to transmitter body for the switch. Not big task to do but it also possible to modify orginal LED backlight so that you can configure same from ER9X and use original switches. I chose this path. For this you can find info here.

I also find this vid from Youtube helpful.

I removed shrinking tube from LED backlight and soldered BS170 MOSFET to it and put new shrinking tubes. You also have to solder one wire to Turnigy's board.

BS170 soldered in place
Board removed for LED backlight installation
Backlight installed, board back in place, wire from BS170 soldered and wires connected
After these steps and with new ER9X firmware installed, I was able to configure from ER9X RUD switch for backlight. Now my backlight will turn off after 10 secs (after I have pressed button). Or if I turn RUD switch on, then I have backlight always on.

Backlight always on when RUD switch on


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